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Moved to Delaware

A review of our website shows through pictures, videos and stories just how far we have come in seven years. So why then am I looking to relocate the foundation to Delaware is probably your big question? I lost my wife of 53 years in 2019 due to Cancer and had a personal need to physically relocate. Rules say that the President must reside in the state the filing is made. While I still own a home in Concho, I have begun the process of moving the program to Delaware to position for the future. At 80, I am looking to find my replacement and an overall younger Board (10 to 12 new members). We also need new donors and Delaware's population of just less than one million in a land mass of 1/3rd the size of Apache County's 50,000 residents appears to be a major advantage. While the House of Onions is run by Priests and Sisters, the children represent the total population of India. Looking to further educate, train and communicate with anyone interested. I can be reached at: Telephone #: (928) 245-1388 email: Houseofonions2014@gmail.com

A Recap from Concept to Completion of the House of Onions

1.My vision Every human being on earth desires and wishes to live a better and more comfortable life in the world. But some are not able to reach that goal because of poverty, sickness, and standing grave financial imbalances. Due to these reasons people are in search of pleasures which often lead them to bad habits, such as drugs. alcohol, and promiscuous sexual activity. These activities often lead adults and children into dark places. They may become beggars or worse. In the 30 years of my priestly ministry and service I have seen such diseases as HIV/AIDS in adults and, most disturbing in kids throughout my country of India. My vision has been and continues to care for these children! In the year 2010 I arrived in St.Johns, Arizona as pastoral administrator for St Johns and San Rafael Parishes, where I served for one year. After that, I began my ministry in Italy for three and half years. Before returning to India, I was able to visit my friends in Arizona one more time at which my vision was discussed with Carl and Marrene Dye who agreed to be of assistance and formed a Foundation for my dream. The foundation stone was laid on September 22nd, 2014, and is now an operational home for children with or orphaned by the HIV/Aids virus.

An Update from Father YL

Dear friends and Supporters, How fast the days have gone by. It is almost one year since our grand opening of our House of Onions home in India. Let us thank the lord for all the graces he has bestowed upon everybody. The Carona virus has continued to get worse in India and it has badly spread to every corner of our villages. Since assuming charge of my new parish two months ago, 14 of the Parishioners have died. Throughout the country this virus continues to take many lives. It is really a tragedy. Every where it is in lock down. Every day more positive cases are horribly spreading. People are afraid that this is how it is going to be in the future. To make matters worse, in the last 10 days we have endured continuous rains. Crops are drowning in the water. However with God's help. all our kids are doing fine staying with relatives until the government allows us to start up again. Please pray for each of them. I too I am fine in the new Parish and hope and pray that all of you are doing well. Keep me and our House of Onions in your prayers. Fr. Y. L. Marreddy

A Home Built by Faith, A Recap of Our Trip to India

Some 30 years ago, a young Priest in the Diocese of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Southeast India received a bowl of onions from a young parishioner, thus planting a “mustard seed” for what is now an operational home for children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS virus. You can read about the entire story on “The House of Onions” website: www.houseofonions.org. But allow me to tell the tale from my first involvement in this project.... Several years later, circa 2010, that same young Priest arrived in Concho, AZ on a Missionary assignment and was instantly recognized by the parishioners as someone quite special. And while he only stayed a year, he left a big impression on many. Fast forward to January 2014 and a request from Father for a 10 day sponsorship to revisit old acquaintances was happily accepted by yours truly. Shortly thereafter, following many miles and visits, on return to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, I was asked for some assistance with a project in India that had been germinating over these past many years. And so a, project of unknown time and money began! On December 24, 2014, after assembling a Board of Directors, obtaining necessary legal consultations and the creation of a 501(c)(3) foundation, the “House of Onions” was first introduced to friends and families via phone calls, emails and even our own website. All that remained to take place was the solicitation of enough funds to construct a home for roughly 30 orphans, hire enough staff to feed, cloth, and shelter these children and provide proper medical care and education for all. I am proud to say that all of this has been accomplished! On August 22nd, 2019, one of our Board Members, David Knox, and I attended the “Grand Opening” along with some 600 plus attendees for a beautiful 3 hour Mass and speeches from The Most Reverend Ch. Bhagyaiah, Bishop of Guntur, Mayor Ambati Rambabu,member of the legislative assembly (MLA) of Sattenapalli town constituency, and an inspirational speech by our own Father YL Marreddy. Additionally, there were 55 Priests and some 60 Nuns among the many local community members also in attendance. As this happens to be in the monsoon season period, necessary preparations to include large circus type tents were set up to shelter guests from anticipated downfalls, however, the rains arrived about an hour AFTER all the celebrants had safely started home. Talk about faith! Of all the excitement of the week spent visiting with dignitaries, school superintendents, Diocesan Priests and the Newly formed Board of Directors in India, nothing came close to the rush of emotional feelings that both David and I experienced the first moment we arrived at the home and saw a group of young boys playing soccer and in great spirits. You see, it had been just over a month since their arrival at the House of Onions. Each came from extreme poverty, living with a grandparent, a distant relative or perhaps a neighbor of their late parents. And here they were, in this shot time, enjoying new “brothers”, having a beautiful home to live, three wholesome meals every day, bathrooms and so much more than ever before! It was perhaps at that moment, I truly understood that the DREAM of that young Priest had, in fact, come true and I had been given the opportunity to play a small role in a magnificent play! For this this, I believe each of our Board Members and every Donor who played even a small part will be forever thankful for the opportunity. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Grand Opening, August 22, 2019

On August 17th, fellow Board Member, David Knox and I leave on our 24 hour flight to India to attend the House of Onions "Grand Opening" on the 22nd. There remains last minute touch ups and miscellaneous expenses that need additional funding. Hope to get another wire off to Father by next week. Any additional assistance will be appreciated. Will recap our trip upon return at the end of August.

We are Operational!

As of June 1st, the first class of children became residents of the House of Onions! It was crucial to have the children on board by June to comply with school registration rules and regulations and we did it! Thank you to every donor over the past 4 and a half years for your continued support. And now the real work begins....

Construction is COMPLETE!

The House of Onions construction is now complete, but we need an additional $15,000 for furnishings and other miscellaneous expenses before we can bring our first 30 youngsters orphaned due to AIDs on board by June 1st. We are having an Estate Sale on April 26 of my late Wife's treasurers with all proceeds going to our House of Onions. If you cannot make it to Concho, AZ, any donation will still get you a Tax reduction for 2019 and, if new, addition to our Donor List.

December 5, 2018 - An Update from Father YL

Prayerful greetings. Here are the latest updates on our House of Onions to share with all the supporters whose prayers and contributions are making this dream a reality! 1. As to the work on our home. All the painting works are over except workers shed. You can in the pictures. 2. By taking loan without interest of Rs. 4,52,000 ($6406.80) from my friend, I will complete before Christmas. 3. I have prepared Christmas card I will mail you. Kindly go through well and give me your valuable suggestions, if any changes and corrections. Let me also know how many cards do you need to send to our donors. I can send within two or three days. 4. I am sad to inform you that our watch man who was there from the beginning got heart attach and he is immediately taken to hospital and saved his life. After discharge he voluntarily resigned and went to his home. Now we have another man good and faithful. 5. Now I am going to different offices and meeting higher officials to discuss about how to admit kids and their rules and regulations and legal proceedings. 6. At the same time busy with parish Christmas celebration. Our parish annual feast is on January 1st 2019 feast of Holy Name of Jesus. Pray for me. Father Y. L.

Why are we supporting this Non profit Organization? Why HIV/AIDS in Children in India?

Dr. Vemulapalli has looked into some of the available statistics to find that the House of Onions is very much in need! 1) 36.7 million People are living with HIV Globally (UNAIDS data 2017). Of these, 2.1 million are children. 2) Of the 2.1 million children, only 43% are on antiretroviral treatment. Even though the numbers of new HIV infections have decreased, for children living with HIV, AIDS related illnesses are leading cause of mortality. 3) The number of HIV/AIDS orphans increased from

Update from Father YL, April 19, 2018

Thanks for your mail. I am sending you the pictures of doors and windows. Everything is fixed well. There is no money in my hand still i have to pay nearly Rs. 4,00,000 ($6,048) to the doors and windows. That means still we are in minus. We need to a lot internally both on building and toilets. To paint we need money at least outside. Fr. Manti is helping me a lot. To continue the work we need money. Next month by 12th may 2018 i will have transfer to the nearest parish to our House of Onions center. You are most welcome to India at any moment. I will be the happiest person. You will know what is happening at the center. Hope we will soon inaugurate our House of Onions for our poor kids. Your little brother in Christ

Radio Podcast, Feb 10, 2018

We had the opportunity to be interviewed by LCol (Ret) Denny Gillem on his nationally syndicated radio show last weekend. Denny happens to be a West Point classmate of mine from 1964 (hope that doesn't make us sound old). You can hear our 10 minutes of fame on his website: www.FrontlinesOfFreedom.com We were in the second hour of the 2/10/2018 program. While those of you familiar with the House of Onions may not gain new info about our foundation, there may be an item or two you can pick up about me. Give it a listen!

Construction update as of February 2, 2017 direct from Father YL

Greetings and prayerful wishes! Here is an update on our construction progress. Please have new photos and videos posted to our website as soon as possible so that our wonderful donors can SEE our progress. 1. Bed concrete over the foundation of the building. It is made mainly without any further sinking of the basement inside the building. 2. Construction of brick wall Up To roof level. These brick walls are mainly to divide different rooms inside the building. 3. Pictures of the Jeep with the name of House of onions. 4. Now the building is ready to put up the roof to the ground floor. The workers are free without work. 5. Now if you could send me $ 15,000 dollars I can finish roof construction. Then we have to wait for one month until it cure's and sets well by cooling with more and more water. 6. As the building is coming up good number of them are asking me when it will be completed. When can they seek admission. Even the government officials , priests, sisters and the people are asking me when can be the inauguration and blessings of the house. Keep me in your prayers. Your brother in Christ Fr. Y. L. Marreddy

Carl Dye and Tracy Candelaria visit House of Onions in Andra Pradesh, India.

Carl Dye and Tracy Candelaria report a successful site visit to Dhulipalla, Andra Pradesh, India. After landing at the Hyderabad airport, they were met by Father YL and spent the next nine days in a whirlwind of meetings, site visits, inspections and cultural overload. Read more: View link

The Maverick interview

Carl Dye interviewed by Amie Rogers of The Maverick Magazine. The interview can be read here: View Link View PDF

The Introduction

In our first professionally produced video, Marissa Candelaria introduced the House of Onions project to the world. View link

Website launched

House of Onions 501(C)3 charity and website launched.